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Company Name: SPA Computers (

Specialization: Embedded Systems


Positions in India

Position Skills Experience Resources required
SDE – Java,opengl Java,2D/3D graphics,opengl 2-5yrs 5
SDE – Java Swing, AWT Java swing, AWT, GUI 2-5yrs 1–on contract
SDE – VC++-HMI VC++ application development 3-4yrs 3
SDE – EVC++,Symbian(global Sat) eVC++ ,Symbian,  windows application 3-4yrs 1
Board design Engineer Hardware Design Engineer having experience in multimedia 3-4yrs 2
SDE – LinuxDrv- wireless Linux Dev Driver with 802.1, wireless driver 3-4yrs 1
SDE – Windows driver-AdLink Windows driver development 3-4 yrs 1
SDE – Qt Linux , C++, qtopia 3-4yrs 1
SDE – SNMP SNMP, layer 2, layer 3 2-3 yrs 1–on contract
SDE – CANOpen canopen/devicenet 3-4yrs 1
Hardware Test Lead Exp in hardware testing 4-5yrs 1



Overseas Positions

SDE -WinCE (Taiwan) WinCE, application, Multithreading 3-5yrs 6
SDE -WinCE (Japan) WinCE, Win32application, VC++ 3-5yrs 1
SDE -(Japan) UNIX/Linux, Python, Networking,
HTTP,HTML,// JAVA, LAMP Microsoft.NET using C#/ASP.Net 
3-5yrs 8
SDE -(Japan) C/C++, JAVA, PHP, Mac/windows 4-5yrs 5


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